Rhyl Project

This page describes the supported housing service we offer for up to 4 males over the age of 25 with high level support needs living in Rhyl.

Aims and Objectives

We are funded by Denbighshire County Council through the Supporting People initiative. We are dedicated to supporting people in the community.

Seashells is an organisation which genuinely values the service users that we support. We have great respect for each individual and we work hard to provide a service which not only offers high quality support, but which strives to bring out the best in each person because everyone has something special and unique to offer.

Our main goal here at Seashells is to offer support that ‘meets the hopes and needs of each individual’. Our values help us provide the very best support to individuals, enabling them to live a fulfilled and independent lifestyle. They apply to our service users and our employees alike.

Seashells believe that everyone wishes to feel a part of and contribute to their community. We will enable you to make positive uses of existing social networks or if you choose to, introduce you to them.

Seashells Supported Housing Service (funded by Denbighshire County Council)


What is Seashells Supported Housing?

Seashells offers tenancy related support for up to four homeless (or potentially homeless) males in west Rhyl. This support can help you successfully achieve and maintain a future tenancy, particularly through challenging circumstances in your life. This support may be offered by helping you to find and move into secure accommodation for the first time or by assisting you to manage your finances. We offer a short term supported housing service that provides a stay of six months. However, an extension to the placement can be agreed with Denbighshire County Council if it considered of continuing benefit to the service user’s long term goals and aspirations. We firmly believe in empowering individuals to succeed in acquiring new skills needed to live independently and maintain a tenancy agreement.


How is my support provided?

We employ a team of support workers who specialise in supporting a small number of service users in a way that suits their needs. The support available can assist with tenancy rights, learning to cook, budgeting, welfare rights, social events, accessing education or employment, accessing local services, e.g. GP, dentist. The support is tailor made to suit the needs of the individual ultimately enabling them to live an independent life. Support workers are continually present, 24 hours a day.

The support offered is normally carried out in the project. However, the service is flexible. Support can also be delivered away from the project within the community or in an employment/educational setting. The aim is to reduce the level of support over a period of time to encourage service users to live an independent lifestyle.

Four weeks after the commencement of your support, your support worker and a senior member of the team will review how the support is going and if it is achieving your aims and aspirations. This will allow us to identify any further support needed. The next review will be 3 months later, but may be sooner if the aims and aspirations within your support plan are being achieved.

Please remember, the support worker is NOT there to carry out tasks on your behalf. They are there to support you to carry out tasks for yourself.

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What type of support will I receive?

  • Improving personal safety and feeling safe in your community

  • Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of your licence agreement in preparation for future independent tenancies

  • Finding a new home that meet your needs

  • Advice on how to shop on a budget, support with cooking meals, support to deal with correspondences and completing forms

  • Obtain essential furniture through grants and charities

  • Finding out if the right benefits available to you is being received and assisting with making a claim

  • We will support you to access professional help, e.g. Doctor, Dentist, drug and alcohol services etc.

  • Dealing with neighbour disputes

  • Signposting to agencies to access training, education and employment

  • Help with reporting repairs and servicing equipment, supervisions and advice on use

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What do I do next if I want support and accommodation from the project?

Your representative, local authority worker or social worker for example will have to email the supporting people single pathway team at [javascript protected email address] to make the referral.

Once the referral form has been received by us, we will assess your suitability for this service. Should the assessment be deemed suitable, we will then arrange a meeting with you at a time and date that is convenient for you. This will allow you the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns that you may have, which in return, we will answer for you.

We will also provide you with a tour of the premises and show you your potential bedroom.

If you are deemed suitable for this project and you agree that we may be able to support you will be offered a room immediately.

Once offered a placement within the project, we will introduce you to your support workers and a support plan will be created that identifies your current needs and goals. There will be an action plan which identifies achievable timescales for each activity.

You will work closely with your support worker who will assist you in achieving your goals and aspirations. If at any time your needs change, we will hold a review with yourself, support worker, relative and social worker, where we will draw up a new support plan that reflects any change in needs.

Remember, it is YOUR support plan so we want you to be fully involved with all aspects of it.

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How do we assure a quality service?

You have the right:

  • To choose support times in negotiation with your support worker

  • To expect that your individual support needs are met with the support of the service and other external agencies

  • To take the lead in developing your own support plan

  • To have your support plan reviewed regularly

  • To be treated fairly and equally

  • To be treated with dignity and respect

  • To make a formal complaint if you are dissatisfied with the service you receive

  • To privacy

  • To be consulted on the service we offer

Complaints and compliments

There may be times where you feel a little dissatisfied with the services offered by Seashells. We welcome both positive and negative feedback and should you have any suggestions on how to improve our service, please voice these to a member of our staff.

The Floating Support Service follows Seashells Limited complaints and compliments procedure. You will find a copy of this procedure and what actions to take should you wish to make a complaint or compliment enclosed.

Policies and Procedures

Data Protection Statement
Seashells aims to ensure that every employee of this organisation have the necessary understanding of who is responsible for the maintenance of records, where our records are stored and the length of time they are retained for. Our organisation believes that all records required for the protection of our service users and for efficient running of this project should be collected, maintained and kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The aim of the policy is to:

  • Ensure the information regarding a service user is kept securely and only disclosed with the service users consent

  • Information sharing – occasionally we may have to provide information to the Police, Social Services and the Health Service if there is a threat to your own or another individuals health and wellbeing. In this case you will be informed.

Professional boundaries
The aim of the policy is to:

  • Ensure staff communicate and interact with service users in a professional manor

  • Ensure staff understand the importance of and are able to establish and maintain boundaries

Health & Safety

  • All staff have to keep themselves and the public safe

Protection of Vulnerable Adults from abuse

Seashells provide support services to vulnerable adults and are committed to protecting our service users from abuse.

What will Seashells do if abuse is suspected?

Any actual or suspected abuse of a vulnerable adult will be taken very seriously. In most circumstances we will gain consent before referring to another agency unless:

  • The victim or others are in physical danger

  • It is our considered assessment that the victim is unable or incapable of making an informed decision for themselves.